Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Angels Fall - Nora Roberts

I have to admit I saw the movie first and enjoyed it.

The ruggedly handsome and reclusive writer Brody, falls for the new woman in town, Reece Gilmore. Reece, is shrouded in mystery and just as reclusive as Brody, but throw in a good dose of paranoia.The mystery that surrounds her keeps the town gossips churning out ideas, is she running from the law, or maybe an abusive spouse?

Reece has her hands full keeping away the local men, including the bosses son, Lo. Reece, a trained chef, from out east settles into the town and begins slinging hash at the local diner after her car breaks down. Angels Fist is as good as anywhere since Reece is really on the road to nowhere. She is a woman running from inner demons that aren't going to let go of her easily.

The relationship between Reese and Brody evolves as a slow burn. It was touching to see two un-trusting, solitary people connect in a deep way.  Brody was is as gruff and forceful and cantankerous as he was respectful and patient. He seems to know when Reece needs a good kick in the pants to get her going. She has come to let fear rule her life and he is the man to help her shake that habit. Brody is the perfect fit in the wild, rugged surroundings of Wyoming.

Trauma can change people and not always for the better, what Reece lived through will scar her permanently and we watch in the novel as she takes baby steps back to normalcy. Like an icy lake, if we wallow in the past we will get frozen in it.Reece experiences survivors guilt, PTSD and a healthy and justified case of paranoia as she begins to doubt her sanity as strange things happen in the small town. .

While in Angel's Fist, Reece sees a murder or does she? With a history of mental problems, will anyone in town believe her when no body is found?

This was an interesting read and Being a nature girl myself, I loved the wilderness backdrop of the story. It seemed like the perfect place for Reece to regroup and take her life back.

I liked it better in than Montana Sky. I felt the characters in that story were cookie cutter and stereotypical to the extreme. 

My favorite line: Half full, half empty, what the hell difference does it make? If there's something in the damn glass, drink it.

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