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Nadina Boun - The Thinking Man, Paralysis by Analysis

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1. How did you come up with the idea for your book?

What inspired me was a conversation with my brother about some relationship issues that led to the first two rules in the book. The known man made rules of the drink and the ShagNquit. Then like hail, everyone had issues, drama and sensitivity that. They poured on me, which I thought could make up brilliant sets of rules that may apply to all of us as human beings with our fluctuating emotional train.
Hence followed the rules of The Thinking Man in a satirical short, including rules of the ego, love, sensitivity, loneliness and so on.

2. How long have you been writing?

I began writing poetry at 14. Then in 2000 I wrote two novels for fun that were never published. Lately I am working on shorts and plays as well as poetry. However, I will be revisiting the novels and one I began last year, a vampire book, for publishing. It will take a while:)

3. I see you like to poetry. Do you have a favorite poet?

I went to a French school so I am influenced by the old French drama playwrights and poets really, like LaFontaine, Baudelaire, Moliere and others, but I also like Shakespeare and William Wordsworth.

4. You do some graphic or web designs, is that for fun or profit. (Share a link if it;'s a business)

I got my web design certificate at UNLV this Sept., and I've only worked on two sites and my folio. But it helped me a lot with e-book conversions for publishing. I would like to do build more sites as a contractor, and would also like to expand to building phone apps in the near future.

You can check out my sites for samples.

5. Share something about your publishing journey, you went Indie. So many of us enjoy the control it gives us.

You know, I never really thought of publishing. Then lately, when I realized that my passion is writing, I thought that I could either keep my work rotting behind my pc screen or publish it. Since then, it has been a tough journey but I already learned a lot in terms of publishing and marketing. I also came to realize that other indie authors, like yourself, are not the competition but the helping hand we need for one another. I learned as well that art no matter its form is in the eyes of the beholder, just like beauty, so there is no such thing as bad art and I encourage every artist to believe in his/her work.

I have a poetry book coming out too, shortly, A Heartstorm, and will keep doing what I am doing.

Keep writing, as all say and mostly be patient and connect with others. This I think is the most important, otherwise, one would remain like a drop in the sea.

For long my friends called me little Shakespeare, but soon I have adopted my real name to start publishing.
I have been writing poems since a young age, then expanded into short stories, plays and fiction.
I am still learning, and I still make many mistakes. I like philosophy and analysis and so I keep a blog about commonsense nonesense ramblings on life's issues at
You can learn more about me on my
About page

Tiny Excerpt:

The thinking man, having experienced a troublesome morning after a certain shag, pondered on the existence of such rules, as ones to protect him from further troubles and misunderstandings. For it seemed what was meant to be a one night passing
pleasure, turned into a morning after hassle. He did not want to appear impolite nor rude, and yet he wished for a set of rules he could provide his passing ladies, without the need to verbalize his thoughts. Being the king of his own castle, he thus concluded, following his reasoning, the first rules of mankind’s opposites’ interactions, thus naming it the rule of the ShagNQuit.
He thought it helpful, if one could place a little alarm clock under the lady’s pillow, should she decide to stay the night, and hence upon the ringing of the chime she would awaken to the rules.
The rules of ShagNQuit
Upon the hearing of the chime, rules must be adhered to as set here-forth as the rules of this castle:

Read more or find the book at
Amazon (in print, ebook, and illustrated ebook), B&N, and Smashwords.

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