Friday, December 30, 2011

Life After Wrap - RJ

We have a bit of a 'tell all' book here with, RJ, a Hollywood insider and former security officer and has he got some stories to tell.
Is this book a 'tell all' about what goes on behind the scenes?
My security book does tell all the things that I went through while doing security on film sets. I did leave out the really dirty gossip out and maybe turn that into another book that I'm thinking about writing. If I was to come out with those stories I would def be blackballed, and never be able to sell a script in this town again
Do you drop any names or have the names been changed to protect the innocent?
I mention all names, but there are a few names that I don't mention, but I'm sure people will be able to 
figure out who I'm talking about with matching the character with the actor.
Have you always been a writer or do think this will be your only story to tell the world.
I've been writing since I was in 8th grade, this one TV show really got my attention "Amazing Stories" and ever since then I been writing short stories. I've written a few scripts and even done some ghost writing jobs, getting paid but no credit My security book is my 2nd book that i put out. my first book is a children's book based off my sons life with autism.
I worked in security, they are usually underpaid and unappreciated. Same for writers btw!  How did the celebs treat you?
In Hollywood security is at the very very low totem pole in the food chain. But in return you do get paid alot of money. The only reason why I stood doing security on movie sets was because of the pay, but as in respect not too many people give you that. Security guards get treated like shit but when something happens were the first they call on the radio for help. Go figure. There were some celebs that were nice and treated as normal.
Are you out of security now and hoping to make this a best seller?
I stop doing security back in 2010, my last job was for a Virgin Mobil phone commercial. I wrote a blog about how terrible the catering truck was and got alot of slack for it I was told i would never work with the production team ever again After that i just concentrated on writing then getting a job as a clerk at a court house in my city.
Are you going to shop your story around Hollywood to sell movie rights.
I'm going to shop my story around Hollywood, I believe my book would make a great show or miniseries My book was in the process of being a TV show back in 07, then the writer strike hit and everything went to shit. But I think this time around I'll have a better chance.
Are you going to make it available as an ebook?
My security book will be available on ebook in 6 more days, I was told it would take 10 working days but I've been counting the days down. I'm very excited that my book will be out in all forms.
How is it being a dad of an autistic child? Challenging? Enlightening? Any advice to others?
As a father with a son who has autism, it is challenging. My son was diagnose in 08, I was already not doing much security at this time. I don't think i would of been able to do my security job and take the many frustrations that comes with autism My security job was 19 to 22 hours a day and doing that 5 days a week really catches up to you. I just wouldn't have the strength and right mind set or patience for my son. So I'm glad I don't do security and have more time with my kids. Networking with many parents with children who have autism not only helped me further my education with autism but also there to talk with for support.

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